Streaming logs on Acquia Cloud

Sites on Acquia Cloud generate a variety of logs that are useful for developing, debugging, and analyzing your site. Acquia Cloud lets you download log files and also provides SSH shell access so you can access log files directly, but we wanted to make it even easier to access and correlate multiple logs from multiple sources, all in real time.

Today, we're announcing the public beta release of our new log streaming feature, which lets you stream your site's logs from Acquia Cloud live via your browser, on the command line, or via the Logstream API. Log streaming provides real time access to your Varnish request log, Apache request and error log, PHP error log, Drupal request log, and Drupal watchdog. So you can see issues at a glance, all logs are color coded by type and HTTP status code. Even better, you can filter the stream by log type, source, string or regular expression!

Log streaming is available now for all sites on Acquia Cloud. Here's a quick 30-second demo. Learn more or try it now for free on Acquia Cloud.