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Acquia is committed to giving back to Drupal through code and design contributions, sponsoring events around the globe, and sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm.

Drupal Core Contributors

Meet some of Acquia's 98 Drupal 8 core contributors.

Adam Hoenich

Adam (aka phenaproxima) has been building Drupal sites, writing themes, and making custom modules since 2007, but he really ramped up his involvement with the Drupal community in 2013 when he inherited the Corresponding Entity References module, and in 2014 when he wrote the Drupal Module Upgrader for Acquia. Since then he has worked on the core migration path from Drupal 6 and 7 to Drupal 8.

Alex Bronstein

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Alex Bronstein (effulgentsia) has been instrumental to the Drupal 8 release through his work as a Framework Manager for Drupal 8 Core. Prior to Acquia, Alex has been programming custom Drupal modules since 2005 and contributing to the Drupal community since 2008.

Amit Goyal

Amit Goyal, from Delhi, India, has been a Drupalist since 2005; he started with Drupal 4.x! An active contributor to the Drupal community, Amit has worked on many projects involving issues like migration, multisite, and multilingual. He has also contributed to many contributed modules, and to Drupal core (7.x, 8.x).

Gábor Hojtsy

Gabor Hojtsy, Drupal developer and employee #1 at Acquia, is the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative lead. A Drupalist since 2003, Gabor has assembled and sustained a large (1300 contributors!) global team that has made multilingual one of the most anticipated features in Drupal 8.

Jess (xjm)

Jess (xjm on Drupal.org) is a developer, reviewer, mentor, language nerd, and naturalist. She somewhat unintentionally developed her own home-grown content management system in 2003, and discovered a few years later that Drupal could save her a whole lot of work. 

Kevin Oleary

Kevin O’Leary has been a Drupalist since 2008. As Director of Design at Acquia, Kevin remains focused on creating a lean and agile customer experience through choice architecture and cross-disciplinary team building. His main goal? Delivering products that work.

Most significant D8 contribution

Tim Plunkett

Straight out of Philly, Tim Plunkett has been building sites with Drupal for 7+ years. As an active member of the Drupal community, Tim is a core subsystem co-maintainer for Drupal’s Ajax system, configuration entity system, form system, and many more. In the spring of 2014, Tim joined Acquia as a senior engineer to help bring Drupal 8 to life and today has over 1200 commits.

Wim Leers

I stumbled into Drupal while working on another open source project, and I was looking for the best software to build and maintain websites. After evaluating many options, I ended up choosing Drupal. Drupal did most of the things I needed it to do, except a few.

Drupal.org Contributions

Commit by Naveen Valecha

QueryBuilder is a module which build dynamic query for developers. That module helps the Drupal developer especially those who are newer to Drupal. It reduces the amount of time for building query. It also provide option to clear cache of the site every time when cron run.

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CSV Serialization

This module provides a CSV encoder for Drupal 8 Serialization API. This enables the CSV format to be used for data input and output in various circumstances.

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Shield Pages
Commit by Naveen Valecha

Shield Pages modules allows the administrator to secure any page in your website by password. You just need to go to configuration page of this module and add path, password. After that the added path will be password protected.

Shield Pages
BigPipe Demo
Commit by Wim Leers

This module makes it easy to visualize the impact BigPipe can have for a site. Because it's just a module that provides two blocks, it's very easy/unobtrusive to install on your site, to see what the impact would be of using BigPipe for your site.

BigPipe Demo
Content Browser

This module provides a default Entity Browser that lets you browse and select your Content from a feature-rich View that displays rows in a grid using a new View Mode. This allows for content editors to visually select what Content they want to reference while maintaining a consistent style throughout the selection process.

Content Browser
URLs Queuer

This module queues URLs or paths to your Purge queue. Drupal 8 introduces tag-based cache invalidation which is much more efficient than legacy URL or path based invalidation and leads to less processing and smaller queues. However, when your CDN or external caching system does not support tag-based invalidation, this module is for you!

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Commit by Wim Leers

RefreshLess makes navigating your web site faster by only loading the parts that change between pages. Uses the ideas behind Turbolinks technique (pioneered by Rails). But it goes further: thanks to Drupal 8's architecture, we're able to automatically figure out which parts of a page change. So, we only need to send the parts of the page that actually change.

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Decoupled Blocks
Commit by Adam Hoenich

This module is a javascript-framework-agnostic, progressive decoupling tool to allow custom blocks to be written by front end developers in the javascript framework of their choice, without needing to know any Drupal API's.

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Commit by Adam Weingarten

CloudFlare is a FREE reverse proxy, firewall, and global content delivery network and can be implemented without installing any server software or hardware.

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Presentations by Acquians

DrupalCon Dublin

DrupalCon New Orleans

DrupalCon Mumbai

DrupalCon Barcelona

DrupalCon Dublin offered fourteen track sessions, and covered everything from Code & Development to the Drupal Community. If you are already nostalgic for the black pudding and Drupal 8 updates, then check out the presentations delivered by Acquians in Dublin.

Eighteen Acquians presented, and shared their knowledge and expertise.

Explore the presentations below to stay up to date on all things Drupal.

API-First Initiative
Speakers: Preston So

Checking on Drupal 8’s Rapid Innovation Promises
Speaker: Gabor Hojtsy

People Metrics: How to Use Team Data to Produce Positive Change
Speaker: Amin Astaneh

Getting it Done with Acquia, Pipelines, Lightning, BLT, Content Hub, and More
Speakers: Cameron Tod, Will Eisner, Shannon Vettes

Design Principles for Minimum Viable Product
Speaker: Junaid Masoodi

React Front-End for Your Drupal 8 Back-End
Speakers: Bassam Ismail

How Our Competitors Are Kicking Drupal’s ASS (And What We Can Do About It)
Speaker: Angie Byron

JavaScript Unit Testing
Speaker: Matthew Grill

Drupal 8 and the Panels Ecosystem
Speaker: Kris Vanderwater

Drupal 8 Blocks: Who Knew?
Speaker: Ted Bowman

Drupal: Sitebuild Speedrun with Panels, Media and Many More
Speakers: John Kennedy, Adam Balsam, Adam Hoenich

The State of Hooking Into Drupal
Speaker: Nida Ismail Shah

Decoupled Drupal and Ember
Speaker: Preston So

In addition to the jazz and Po-Boys, DrupalCon New Orleans also boasted thirteen session tracks. We wanted to bring the record up to date and collect all the presentations that Acquians gave in NOLA.

Twelve Acquians presented, and tackled challenging topics in addition to providing extensive expertise.

Check out the presentations below to expand your knowledge on all things Drupal.

Drupal 8’s Multilingual APIs -- Integrate With All the Things
Speaker: Gabor Hojtsy

Drupal 8, Where Did the Code Go? From Info Hook to Plugin
Speaker: Peter Wolanin

Drupal (admin) as an Application: More JavaScript in Core?
Speakers: Preston So, Dani Nordin, Marc Drummond

The State of Drupal
Speakers: Dries, Jess, Gabor Hojtsy

The Potential in Drupal 8.x and How to Realize It
Speakers: Gabor Hojtsy, Angie Byron

ChatOps for Distributed Teams, Fun, and Profit
Speakers: Michael Sherron, Chris Urban

D8 Module Acceleration Program
Speakers: John Kennedy, Ted Bowman, and others

BigPipe Module for Drupal 8.0
Speakers: Wim Leers, Fabian Franz

Next-Level Drupal: Applied Progressive Decoupling with JavaScript
Speakers: Preston So, John Kennedy, Matt Davis

Using a Mallet when you really need a Mjölnir: Rundown of Sprint Tools
Speaker: Chris Urban

Entities 101: Understanding Data Structures in Drupal
Speaker: Ron Northcutt

Need a recap of the Drupal 8 material covered at DrupalCon Mumbai? Look no further than the presentations delivered by Acquians.

Scaling Drupal 8
Speaker: Abhishek Anand

Drupal 8 Lightning: The Distribution for Enterprise Authoring
Speaker: Jacob Singh

Features V/S CMI - The Battle for Drupal 8
Speaker: Neetu Morwani

Drupal 8 with Backbone and Underscore
Speaker: Abhishek Anand

Everything Multilingual in Drupal 8
Speaker Gábor Hojsty

Meet PHP-FIG: Your Community just got a lot bigger, Drupal
Speaker: Jeffrey “Jam” McGuire

Here is a recap of all the presentations delivered by Acquians at DrupalCon Barcelona:

DTD-Build: Just in time Drupal Training Environment
Speaker: Kubair Shirazee

Drupal 8 Plugin Deep Dive
Speaker: Kris Vanderwater

Making Drupal Fly - The fastest Drupal Ever is Here!
Speaker: Wim Leers

Building Semantic Content Models in Drupal 8
Speakers: Kevin O'Leary and Stéphane Corlosquet

Planning for Drupal 8.1.x, 8.2.x, and our Future Together
Speaker: Tim Plunkett

Making Drupal a Better Out-of-the-Box Product: Report on Usability Testing Results and How We Can Make 8.1.x+ Shine
Speaker: Angie Byron

Paid Contribution: Past, Present, and Future
Speaker: Alex Bronstein

Drupal 8 Retrospective with Dries
Speaker: Jess and Dries

Migrating a Running Service (Mollom) to AWS without Service Interruptions and Reduce Costs
Speaker: Nick Veenhof

Caching at the Edge: CDNs for Everyone
Speaker: Wim Leers

Introduction to R and Exploratory Graphics
Speaker: Mark Sonnabaum

Fundamentals of Front-End Ops
Speaker: Preston So

Drupal 8 Multilingual Site Building Hacks
Speaker: Gábor Hojtsy

Full Flexibility for Content Editors: Drupal Architectures and Patterns
Speaker: Hernâni Borges de Freitas

Drupal and Security: What you Need to Know
Speaker: Stéphane Corlosquet

Building Sites in Drupal 7 with an Eye on Drupal 8
Speaker: Ashraf Abed

Here is a recap of all the presentations delivered by Acquains at DrupalCon LA:

A "Plain Drupal English" Guide to the Remaining Drupal 8 Criticals
Speaker: Angie Byron

Making Drupal Fly - The Fastest Drupal Ever is Near!
Speakers: Wim Leers and Fabian Franz

Calls in the Middle of the Night! Industry Leaders Discuss Best Practices in Global Delivery
Speaker: Jacob Singh

Q&A with Dries
Speakers: Dries, Jess Myrbo, Angie Byron, Alex Pott, Alex Bronstein

Planning and Executing a Sprint that Actually Helps Move an Open Source Project Forward

Speaker: Peter Wolanin

Zendesk and Drupal Integration
Speaker: Jeannie Finks

RESTful APIs in D7
Speaker: Ron Northcutt

Ansible for Drupal Infrastructure and Deployments
Speaker: Jeff Geerling

Acquia Dev Desktop
Speaker: Lanette Miller