Cristian Arostegui G.

Front End Developer at Royal Roads University

I believe good design makes all the difference.

I am passionate about design in all its applications, and I have dedicated over 10 years to furniture design and manufacturing. In 2020, I began learning more about web design and started the transition from furniture design to the tech industry. In 2021 I committed to making the move and completed (or, am currently completing) the Brainstation web development bootcamp.

The more I learn and practice coding, I notice the similarities between web development and furniture design. Both require high attention to detail, constant research, the ability to find efficient solutions and the ability to understand the clients’ needs. When designing for my previous company, Caramba, my main goal was to create functional, long-lasting and beautiful furniture pieces while minimizing material waste and production time and maximizing ease for the manufacturer. I bring this same approach to web development, and seek the simplest solution, while maintaining usability and elegance of design, with a DRY and easy-to-understand code.

I am confident that my design aesthetic coupled with my UI/UX knowledge and my skills in web development will complement each other well and be an asset in this field. I am proficient in Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, HTML, CSS, SASS, React, Node, Git. I am eager to continue learning and developing my skills in this exciting and ever-evolving area.

Written By Cristian Arostegui G.