Dmytro Storozhuk

CTO iTech4Web Inc

As an expert in Drupal development, I have dedicated over 14 years to mastering the Drupal platform. My journey with Drupal has been marked by significant contributions to the community, including the creation and maintenance of several custom modules and active participation in various Drupal events.

My expertise spans a wide range of Drupal services, from website development and migration to support and maintenance. I am proficient in creating custom Drupal modules, implementing API and third-party integrations, and developing responsive website designs using Bootstrap and Drupal theming. My work ensures that clients benefit from secure, fast, and future-ready web solutions.

I have been actively involved in the Drupal community, attending events such as DrupalCons and local Drupal meetups, where I continually exchange knowledge and stay updated on the latest advancements in the Drupal ecosystem. This involvement not only enhances my skills but also helps me contribute to the growth and improvement of the Drupal platform.

Throughout my career, I have successfully completed numerous projects that highlight my technical capabilities and problem-solving skills.

My commitment to continuous growth and innovation drives me to constantly improve my skills and contribute to the success of my clients. By understanding their needs and delivering tailored solutions, I ensure that each project is a success, providing exceptional value and helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

With a deep-rooted passion for Drupal development and a proven track record of successful projects, I am dedicated to delivering cutting-edge web solutions that empower businesses and organizations.

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