Jacob Rockowitz

Programmer at The Big Blue House

I have been working in the Drupal community for the past 8 years, building and maintaining the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) website, which was initially built using Drupal 6 and then migrated to Drupal 8.

I have contributed several modules over the years. Currently, I am solely focusing my energy on maintaining the Webform module and providing the Drupal community with an awesome form builder and submission manager.

Building and maintaining the Webform module has been and continues to be a major undertaking. One of my core strengths as a developer is being able to focus and architect large applications and websites. I enjoy seeing what people are building with the Webform module, especially when people contribute code and ideas back to the Drupal community.

I take a huge amount of pride when my work has convinced someone to get involved in the Drupal community and posts their first Drupal.org ticket in the Webform module's issue queue. I also enjoy being able to give this new member of Drupal community their first commit credit.

Drupal, its community, and mission align with my personal philosophy, which is "...build the best open source content management framework—one that represents the newest ideas and best practices...". Still, it is always a challenge figuring out how one fits into an Open Source community. I have realized that I, and the Drupal community, benefit the most by having me do one thing and doing it well; maintaining the Webform module.

Written By Jacob Rockowitz