Jacob Rockowitz

Senior Drupal Developer/Architect at The Big Blue House

Hi, my name is Jacob Rockowitz. My friends call me Jake, and I have been building websites for over 20 years. If you’re curious about how I started, you can see my first website showcasing my art and random experiments, including my first contact form.

I built and maintained a custom CMS for the first decade of my career, then discovered Open Source and Drupal. As a member of the Drupal community, I mentor developers, explore Open Source sustainability, speak at events, and contribute code and ideas back to the community as the maintainer of the Webform module and Schema.org Blueprints module.

The Webform module allows site builders to build forms to collect visitor data, and it is one of Drupal’s most installed modules. I started building and maintaining the current version of the Webform module in 2015. Besides wanting to give back to the Open Source community, I wanted to expand my skill set by creating a blog, writing documentation, recording training videos, speaking at events, and talking about Drupal. In short, I sought to explore all aspects of building and maintaining high-quality enterprise software. One of the things I am most proud of is the community-built Webform add-on modules that represent the worldwide impact of my work. Learn more about the Webform module

If the Webform module provides a solution to the common problem that everyone needs a solution for building forms, then the Schema.org Blueprints module offers a solution to a problem everyone struggles with; naming things is hard.

The Schema.org Blueprints module uses Schema.org types and properties to build a modern, progressively decoupled website/application content architecture that is standardized and API-first with fantastic SEO. Schema.org is an open standard created by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the web. Many organizations use Schema.org for inspiration and recommendations when defining content types, including peopleorganizationseventsplacesrecipesblog posts, and more. The Schema.org Blueprints module imports the Schema.org specification into Drupal, providing a report and allowing site builders to quickly and easily generate and customize content types and relationships. The Schema.org Blueprints module solves the challenge of naming things by making it easier, faster, and cheaper to build a standardized enterprise content architecture. Click a few buttons and create beautiful and maintainable content and information architecture. You will be amazed at the results. Learn more about the Schema.org Blueprints module

In conclusion, my work on the Webform and Schema.org Blueprints modules solves complex problems with simple, well-thought-out solutions. Please take one of these modules for a test drive or contact me for help and support.

Written By Jacob Rockowitz