Sylvia Cacho

Government Analyst - UX Engineer Florida Department of Children and Families

User experience professional with over 13 years of experience designing highly usable interfaces and user experiences for a wide array of products. Real world hands on experience in skills and techniques by honing online experiences into web-based applications, mobile apps, portals and websites. A forward thinker, empathetic and advocate for the user with a keen sense of technology and psychology, and a good communicator with both sides of the pendulum acting as that bridge/liaison. Creative, very detail-oriented, enthusiastic and passionate about the user experience. I consider myself a good contributor working in a team environment or independently -- being self aware yet collaborative. I like to work with other talented hard working people who are intelligent and enjoy what they do on challenging projects.

Specialties: research, analysis, interpret requirements to user goals, interview, focus groups, observation, card sorts, user / behavioral profiling, segmentation, persona's, ethnographic studies, competitive analysis, rapid prototyping, wire frame, usability testing, usability studies, story boarding, scenarios, UI design, information architecture, UX and UI processes / methodologies / life cycles, creative briefs, IA artifacts, create design patterns and widgets, metrics, UI project management. Coding: html5/css/js/bootstrap, aspx/.net/user controls, visual studio, dreamweaver, Dynamics 365 / Model and Canvas Driven Apps

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