245: Drupal Association Board Community Elections 2017 - meet Megan Sanicki

In this podcast and video, Megan Sanicki, Executive Director of the Drupal Association, and I talk about what the DA Board is all about and why you might want to run for a community directorship. The 2nd half of the podcast is also a chance to get to know Megan. Megan fell in love with the intersection of tech and community work and has been with us in the community since 2009 (or 2010, she's not sure ...).

Talking about the business side of Drupal, I really like what she has to say:

"It's more important to me how we move through life together as a community to create amazing software."

Should you run for the Drupal Association Board of Directors?

One interesting aspect of the DA Board that sets it apart from the rest of the community is that it goes against the grain, the nature of how we usually go about things. We're a community of doers. If you want to fix something specific, there are probably better places for you in the Drupal community, places where you can get busy, help, and improve stuff. The Board is an odd corner of the Drupal community where it's not about getting things done. I imagine a lot of people would be frustrated by that.

Listen to my conversation with Megan and if you want to serve the community in this capacity, here's what you need to do:

More background info

  • Michael Schmid and I recorded a follow up and analysis of the 2016 DA Board community election that I published audio and video of as Acquia Podcast 225.
  • I recorded a conversation with the 2016 DA Board community election, Shyamala Rajaram and published audio and video of it as Acquia Podcast 243.