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Drupal provides the modern WCM capabilities to build, operate and optimize sites and experiences across any channel, device, personalization strategy and more. Drupal allows you to tap into the global power of an open source community, yet build exactly what your organization and brand requires to engage and convert customers and prospects.

Acquia and Drupal

Dries Buytaert created the first Drupal content management framework while finishing his master’s degree in 2000. As he was working toward his doctorate while also leading the open source Drupal project, he began to envision a company devoted to the success of Drupal and to supporting its growing community. 

To “take Drupal full-time,” Buytaert and Jay Batson founded Acquia in 2007 to provide infrastructure, support and services to enterprise organizations using Drupal, to help Drupal scale, to promote open source software, to make Drupal easier, to spur greater adoption, and to empower a thriving network of Drupalists around the world. 

Acquia initially offered managed cloud hosting and fine-tuned services for Drupal, and has now grown to provide a fully loaded digital experience platform with Drupal at its core.

Acquia brings the same pioneering spirit of Drupal to providing the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.

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Posted by Adam Young
No two Drupalists are exactly alike. Some use Mac, some prefer PC, and some wouldn’t switch from Linux if you paid them. Some are developers, some are admins or operators, and some are content authors or marketers. Some Drupalists conduct deployments through the command line, whereas some others prefer the simplicity of a GUI. In today’s data data-driven world, “some” just doesn’t cut it. Just how much do Drupalists differ from one another? What trends are emerging…
Posted by Dane Powell
Overview Mike Madison, a Technical Architect in Acquia Professional Services, recently completed a Drupal site build for a major public transit agency in the United States. I spoke with him in December 2017 about his experiences using BLT on this project. Mike said that BLT has been a critical component of the project’s success, and has especially helped in three primary ways: by accelerating project spinup, improving developer onboarding, and increasing development…
Posted by Prachi Garg
When I became a project manager some ten years ago, my career mentor told me that to be successful, a project manager needs to be “empathetic.” I did not pay much attention to his advice at the time, but now I realize that being empathetic towards a project allows a manager to overcome many challenges she might face in the course of launching a particular project or product. Here’s my take on how to achieve “Project Empathy” and why it is important. What is Project…
Posted by Adam Hoenich
This is a fairly advanced topic. If you are new to Drupal 8 development, you probably don't need to worry about this stuff. Ah, the config system. Crown jewel of Drupal 8, amirite? Well, yeah, it’s fantastic and flexible (as is most of Drupal). But if you have advanced use cases — such as building a system that alters config dynamically — there are traps you should know about. Config is normally a fairly static thing. Your module/theme/profile (“extension” from here…