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Posted by Gustavo Semeão Maltoni on Apr 24, 2017

The word "community" comes from the Latin communis, which means "what is common and shared by many individuals." From the Drupal perspective, the community is nothing more than a group of people looking for the mutual exchange of knowledge about the technology (the detailed definition ca

Acquia Drupal logo shirt, DrupalCon Munich
Posted by Jeffrey McGuire on Apr 20, 2017

To me, meeting and building relationships in person is the glue that holds us together and makes Drupal a community. If this is your first DrupalCon or first Drupal community event, it’ll be your first taste of this crazy, smart bunch of people scattered around the globe most of the rest of the year. Welcome! I’d like to help you get the most out of your first DrupalCon!

Acquia's team at DrupalCon Asia Mumbai
Posted by Jeffrey McGuire on Apr 19, 2017

If you’re coming to DrupalCon Baltimore and you’re curious about Acquia, there are a couple of ways to meet the company and see what we’re about beyond the marketing and sales efforts that get directed at potential clients. One great way is to come to our sessions!

Posted by Brian Silver on Apr 18, 2017

The engineers at Acquia recently launched Acquia Cloud CD, a set of developer tools to automatically and continuously assure the quality of Drupal applications on Acquia Cloud.

Project management
Posted by Prachi Garg on Apr 13, 2017

You are a Project Manager, sitting at your desk, maybe sipping a fresh-brewed coffee. Suddenly you receive a heads-up that a new Drupal Project is headed your way. Sprint 0 will be starting in the next two days.

javascript code
Posted by Preston So on Apr 12, 2017

Some of the most important new features in ES6 originate from existing solutions for problems shared by a large swath of JavaScript applications. This is particularly true of ES6 modules, a new system of class-based inheritance, and promises.

Posted by Cameron Tod on Apr 10, 2017

Today Acquia is pleased to announce the release of Acquia Cloud CD.

javascript image
Posted by Preston So on Apr 07, 2017

Object structures and functions are possibly two of the most commonly utilized syntactic features in JavaScript, as they both have important roles in defining classes in object-oriented programming.

Posted by David Butler on Apr 06, 2017

This is part one of a four part series on Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia Lift.

Posted by David Butler on Apr 06, 2017

This is part four of a four part series on Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia Lift.