Acquia Developer Studio in Drupalcon Amsterdam

Setting up a Drupal environment has been traditionally quite a “pain in the servers,” if you allow me the expression. That’s why tools like Acquia Dev Desktop became so popular.

If you have worked with Drupal in the past ten years you have probably worked with (or have a colleague that worked with) Dev Desktop. See this poll I published a few days ago:

Fortunately developer tools have come a long way since those days, and now we have amazing tools like Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes… and wrappers around those that make technology even easier to use, like DDEV, Lando, and Docksal.

On top of that, Acquia Dev Desktop is enjoying a re-birth, in the shape of the new Acquia Developer Studio. It won’t be a replacement or a competitor for the previously mentioned Docker based tools, but instead it's a perfect companion, the right supplement for anyone working in Drupal and looking to simplify and enjoy a more efficient workflow.

You would add Acquia Developer Studio on top of a Docker tool like Lando for the same reason you would add Lando or DDEV to Docker. It automates and simplifies everything. It just makes sense.

To learn more about Acquia Developer Studio visit me at Drupalcon Amsterdam, where I'm doing a few Lightning Talks about Acquia Developer Studio, BLT and Lighting, and join us on the last day for a Battle of the local tools where the teams in DDEV (Randy Fay), Lando (Mark Casias), Docksal (Engin Yilmaz), Launchpad (Mattias Michaux), Lagoon (Michael Schmid) and myself representing Acquia will be in a round table debating about all of this, and also answering your questions.

Please do join us :-)