Announcing the Acquia Developer Studio Command-Line Interface Public Beta Program

The Acquia Developer Studio (ADS) is a suite of tools providing an opinionated (yet flexible) abstraction layer for the full stack of tools a modern Drupal 8 application will leverage, returning development focus to the delivery of world-class digital experiences with Drupal.

Today we are excited to announce the availability of the ADS Command-Line Interface (CLI) Public Beta Program. The ADS CLI is a self-contained cross-platform package for building and deploying Drupal applications, including everything necessary to host and develop locally and subtle enforcement of Acquia's recommended best practices.

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The Drupal DevOps Diaspora

Drupal 8 projects today leverage a variety of tools, including project management strategies like Agile and GitFlow, hosted Git and continuous integration services, and command-line tools such as Drush, SSH, Git, local development environments and IDEs. To complicate matters further, there are myriad choices between specific tools, services and processes.

Composer is now a de facto requirement for managing Drupal modules and other third-party dependencies, requiring additional time and knowledge to learn and manage. The Composer-based deployment workflow utilizes two distinct repositories following the GitFlow model, one for development and one for production.

In this model, the development repository will contain additional tools, such as tests and documentation, and will not include dependencies, substantially reducing the size of the repository. The production repository, on the other hand, should not contain any superfluous files, but must include all dependencies, as well as the compiled CSS and JavaScript.

One toolkit to rule them all

With the ADS CLI, you can build version-controlled Drupal projects with baked-in tools in a few short minutes.

The ADS CLI employs Acquia's BLT to manage the two repositories but does not require BLT knowledge, preventing another layer of complexity from being added to the growing stack of technologies necessary to build and maintain Drupal 8 applications.

The ADS CLI supports Lando and DrupalVM out-of-the-box, and also provides a wrapper for Drush and ssh-keygen, so your tools will never be more than one command away.

The ADS CLI automates all the steps required to create a Composer project, initialize a Git repository and define the origin remote, create and start a local Lando environment, and build and deploy the production codebase to Acquia Cloud, abstracting three tools and at least seven commands in the process. Additionally, the ADS CLI manages the deployment workflow so that you don’t have to.

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