DrupalCon EUR 2023 - Empowering Developers with Cloud-Based Tools

DrupalCon Lille, France 2023, is off to an exciting start with many amazing sessions, a great community and a wealth of information being gathered and shared between individuals. This was my first time attending this conference and as I was walking the cobblestone streets of France, with their timeless charm and enduring beauty, I thought to myself that they share a surprising resemblance to the Drupal Community. Both are built upon a foundation of history, craftsmanship and a collective commitment to persevering their unique character. 

Acquia’s presence at DrupalCon was nothing short of significant, as it underlined the company’s ongoing dedication to the Drupal community. The event provided a perfect platform to demonstrate our innovative solutions and emphasize the importance of efficient toolchains in development, drawing (in my mind) parallels to the precision and longevity seen in the cobblestone streets of historic villages.

Martin Anderson-Clutz (mandclu), Senior Solutions Engineer @ Acquia, led an insightful session End-to-End DevOps Workflow, offering an exclusive look into how managed tools can revolutionize the software development process. 


Martin’s presentation offered a comprehensive overview of how Acquia’s cloud-based development tools have the potential to redefine the developer experience. He began by highlighting the persistent challenges faced by development teams due to inefficient toolchains, which often result in lost productivity and hindered innovation. These pain points are issues that the Drupal community is well aware of, and Acquia aims to provide solutions, much like the way ancient craftsmen meticulously laid cobblestones, ensuring durability and functionality.


During the session, Martin walked attendees through the various products Acquia has developed to provide a true CI/CD DevOps workflow utilizing Code Studio, Cloud IDE, and Cloud Actions. From version control and continuous integration to deployment and monitoring, each of these products are designed with the Drupal team in mind, aiming to simplify complex processes and enable developers to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional digital experiences.


Acquia’s cloud-based development tools offer not only efficiency but also scalability and flexibility, allowing teams to adapt to evolving project requirements with ease, much like how cobblestone streets have adapted and evolved over centuries. The company’s commitment to open-source principles aligns seamlessly with Drupal’s own ethos, emphasizing community collaboration and innovation. 

Drawing inspiration from historic Lille, France, and witnessing the Drupal community's continuous growth, Acquia's contributions are set to empower developers and drive the platform's future success. DrupalCon continues to “pave” the way for generations of travelers, villagers, and Drupalists, creating a timeless testament to craftsmanship, resonating with the enduring spirit of the Drupal community.

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