New Drupal 10 readiness dashboard on

You may have noticed that was recently relaunched! As part of this refresh, a newly expanded Drupal 10 readiness dashboard was launched. A previous version of this dashboard helped with coordinating work on the update of Drupal 8 contributed projects to Drupal 9. This is how it works and what it offers.

Every week, the Drupal Association runs Upgrade Status on all contributed projects compatible with Drupal 9. The raw data is impossible to comprehend, so we process it and present it on an easy to browse Drupal 10 readiness dashboard.

New! An index page is provided with a summary of project statuses, so the general progress of updates can be seen. As of this writing, of the over 7600 contributed projects already almost 250 are in the process of releasing Drupal 10 compatible versions. I would say this is a bit early to do, but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

New! A next step is suggested for each project (until a stable Drupal 10 compatible release is made). For example, there are 877 projects now that need a pre-scanning issue resolved, so Upgrade Status can cleanly run. Of these, 102 projects cause fatal errors with phpstan, so the next step is to resolve this. We provide instructions on what to look for and how to move forward from here.


New! The new version of the dashboard does not declare a project ready when no deprecated APIs are left. It tracks release status further than that with next steps: "Make tagged release available" (when only a dev release is available) and "Improve stability of the release" when alpha/beta/RC is available, but no stable release yet. This should get us a better picture as to how useful the updated projects are in real life site builds.

New! A popular request for project search was by maintainer. This makes it much easier to find your own projects and track their readiness. My projects show a pretty mixed status.

New! Each project has its own page now in the status tracker. Such as the page for my project Config Inspector, showing the suggested next step and help on how to move forward. Also, the errors listed also show how widespread the same error is in all of the projects tested, so you can get an idea as to how common the problems you encounter are. At this time this project does not have rectorable issues, but it suggests to contribute to drupal-rector in case the problems found look widespread.

New! Third party errors are not lumped under one umbrella anymore. As part of the error list, we are identifying third party deprecated API uses like Symfony, Guzzle, frontend deprecated APIs, etc. separately.

New! Also new with errors, we are showing Drupal 8 to 10 and 9 to 10 deprecated API uses separately. For API uses that were already deprecated in Drupal 8, you are free to remove their uses without being incompatible with any supported Drupal core version at this point.

Finally colors on the charts page were updated to reflect the color changes elsewhere, but the charts remain the same as they were before.

I hope these updates will help us work more effectively, inform our further tool and automation building efforts and get to Drupal 10 compatibility even faster than Drupal 9 compatibility. Drupal 10 is expected to be released later this year.