Scan: Drupal 9, Drush 10, Drupal Association 2020, & Drupal Camp London

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When Drupal and Acquia news starts piling up, it's time for a Scan. Starting this week with... Drupal 9, which you may recall is scheduled to drop on June 3rd, 2020.

In a recent What's New post on, we are all reminded that "many contributed or even custom modules only need a one-line change to be ready for Drupal 9."

Another reminder: there are community created tools to check the status of your modules: the upgrade status module, or the Drupal Check command line tool.

"In many cases," the post adds, "you may just need to remove some deprecated code in favor of the more modern implementations. Drupal Rector can provide you with automated fixes for many of these deprecations." 

Third & Grove has also published a helpful Drupal 9 post, From a Drupal 9 Architect: When Will Drupal 9 Really be Ready?

And don't forget our own Drupal 9 content here in the Acquia Developer Center. 

Drush 10

Enough of 9. Let's turn it up to 10, as in Drush 10. 

In Drush 10 is Around the Corner, Preston So sits down with an estimable panel and discusses the past, present, and future of Drush. This super comprehensive treatment of the popular command line tool extends into an equally good Part Two: Drush 10 & the Future of Drupal CLI. Both are worth a read. 

Drupal Association: 2019 and 2020

Chock full of initiatives, this post: completed ones, and those still on the drawing board. 

Aside from Drupal 9 (have we mentioned that?), there are two engineering initiatives, already underway, worth noting:  a project to enable merge requests for Drupal code repositories, and the highly anticipated automatic updates. If you are as excited about this last initiative as we are, you should know that the DA is seeking new partners to help move that forward. 

Growing the Community

And did we mention expanding the Drupal community? That's always on the agenda. Hee are two posts that keep pushing that idea forward: 

Drupal Camp London

It's one of the biggest Drupal events of the year, and it's coming up March 13-15 in the heart of London. 

If you're going, look for a couple of hard-working Acquians, Alex Moreno and Gábor Hojtsy, who are participating in two sessions each. 

Both will be part of Open source has won. How do we avoid dying from success?

In addition, Alex will be presenting on the topic: Enterprise platforms: The delicate balance between technical skill and business governance (fellow Acquian Terry Anderson is also participating in this session).

Gábor's second presentation brings us full circle: State of Drupal 9.

Definitely worth a trip.