Acquia Headless Lightning

A flexible backend content repository and user environment with an API for data modeling and entry as well as content retrieval.

User Environment


Headless Lightning provides an intuitive, themable, web-based user interface for data modeling, content entry, and administration. It includes rich media handling, content workflows with scheduling, and a role-based permission system.

Common tasks are grouped together with relevant help text. Certain Drupal tasks that aren’t applicable when Drupal is used as a content repository are demoted in the interface to keep it as simple as possible.

Content Service and API

Headless Lightning uses the JSON API for your applications use to interact with the content stored in Headless Lightning. The API can also be used to modify configuration and data models. Using relationships, the API is capable of serving multiple related pieces of content in a single request.


OAuth2 Authentication and Authorization

Headless Lightning uses industry standard OAuth2 to authenticate via the API. Once authenticated, Headless Lightning uses Drupal’s native permission system for authorization to specific content and actions.

Compatible Updates

The components of Headless Lightning are constantly evolving. Headless Lightning provides an update path when new features are introduced, bugs are fixed, security patches are needed, or an underlying component makes an unexpected change.

Node.js Service

Use the Acquia Cloud Node.js service with Headless Lightning as a decoupled CMS — making Drupal the content repository, content creation, and update service while connecting Node.js with frontend presentation frameworks such as React, Angular, and Ember.

Continuous Delivery and Cloud Management

Acquia Cloud CD provides continuous integration and delivery devops tools for Node.js and Headless Lightning. Acquia Cloud makes it easy to provision applications and environments across development, staging, and production.

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