advanced_gutenberg_blocks 1.0.x-dev Drupal 10 deprecation details

Name and release Project type Usage count Top X project by usage Maintainers
advanced_gutenberg_blocks 1.0.x-dev Module 4 10000 Rajesh Bhimani
Status Next step Instructions issues Error log
Resolve pre-scanning errors Resolve fatal error from PHPStan While the project was successfully installed on Drupal 9, running phpstan on it failed. This is usually caused by PHP interface mismatches, missing base classes or redefining global functions. In most cases this would mean the project would not run well in Drupal either. Check the error log linked and resolve the issue to get scanning results. For further details, run Upgrade Status or phpstan-drupal locally to reproduce the error and solve the problem in the project codebase. Drupal 10 compatibility issues Read the error log

Results are from dataset #8310 from 2022-11-27T17:12. Report is ran by the Drupal Association regularly.