diff 1.x-dev Drupal 10 deprecation details

Name and release Project type Usage count Top X project by usage Maintainers
diff 1.x-dev Module 40973 100 Alan D., dww, juampynr, Junyor, lhangea, miro_dietiker, mitchell, phenaproxima, realityloop, rötzi, yhahn
Status Next step Instructions
Release as Drupal 10-ready Make tagged release available Now that a development branch of this project is compatible with Drupal 10, the next step is to tag an alpha/beta/RC or stable version of the project, depending on maintainer confidence in the stability of the codebase. This allows people to use a specific known compatible version of the project.

Results are from dataset #142 from 2022-08-07T12:03. Report is ran by the Drupal Association regularly.