field_config_cardinality 2.x-dev Drupal 10 deprecation details

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field_config_cardinality 2.x-dev Module 719 10000 ayalon, brittany.huntzberry, dealancer, devkinetic, e.bogatyrev, eloivaque, Naveen Kumar Reddy, Shruthi Shetty M, stefan.korn
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Fix deprecation errors found Manually review and fix errors Based on our detection methods, none of the errors found are covered by automated fixes. However the errors found should individually have documentation links to help understand the changes. Review and fix the issues manually. In case an issue fix is possible to automate, please submit an issue at drupal-rector. Drupal 10 compatibility issues
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Occurrence in project Sort ascending All occurrences Affected projects Category Error
1 3897 3309 Info.yml or composer.json Value of core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9 is not compatible with the next major version of Drupal core. See
1 1 1 Other problem Class Drupal​\​field_config_cardinality​\​Plugin​\​Field​\​FieldWidget​\​CardinalityMediaLibraryWidget extends @internal class Drupal​\​media_library​\​Plugin​\​Field​\​FieldWidget​\​MediaLibraryWidget.

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