short_scale_formatter 1.0.x-dev Drupal 10 deprecation details

Name and release Project type Usage count Top X project by usage Maintainers
short_scale_formatter 1.0.x-dev Module 6 10000 apaderno, heylookalive
Status Next step Instructions issues
Fix deprecation errors found Fix info.yml/composer.json errors found The most common and final thing to fix for Drupal 10 compatibility. It is not required to specify composer.json limitations on Drupal core compatibility, as the composer endpoint will take the values from info.yml files anyway. However, it is required that the info.yml file core_version_requirement setting is Drupal 10 compatible. Only make this change if the other problems are already fixed to avoid causing issues on Drupal 10 sites. Drupal 10 compatibility issues
Filter errors
Occurrence in project Sort ascending All occurrences Affected projects Category Error
1 16 11 Info.yml or composer.json Value of core_version_requirement: ^9.2 is not compatible with the next major version of Drupal core. See
1 16 16 Info.yml or composer.json Parse error in composer.json. Having a composer.json is not a requirement in general, but if there is one, it should be valid. See

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