Chris Pliakas

Director, Content Services Engineering

As a leader, my purpose is to get more out of people than they knew they had to give and be a catalyst for their careers. I achieve this by giving them ownership of results that are within their control, fostering an intense environment that requires their best work and thinking, and creating opportunities that stretch their experience levels. I believe the most productive employees are those who are the happiest, and the happiest employees are those who continuously see progress. My measurement of success is people being promoted within my teams, out of my teams, and even up and out of the organization. As a technologist, my purpose is to solve real-world problems so that users can focus more energy on things that are important to them. My approach is to assemble small components in order to provide focused, higher-level value. I believe that the whole must always be greater than the sum of its parts which is best accomplished by leveraging open source tools and techniques for the building blocks that comprise the systems. As a human, my purpose is to leave the world a little better than how I found it. Above all else, being a good father is the most important thing I do and is how I will measure whether or not I led a successful life. I believe that parenting is the greatest contribution I can make to the world, and that my actions will have a lasting legacy for generations to come.