Isaac Sukin

Director of Engineering, Web Products; Head of Security at Instrumental Inc

Isaac was one of the first people to write an open-source status update / activity stream system in 2007. Since then open-source software he has written has been downloaded over 150,000 times, including over a dozen Drupal modules. At Acquia, Isaac is a product manager working on cloud and network products. Previously Isaac graduated from UPenn/Wharton and has worked for Twitter and First Round Capital among other places. He led a game development team of over 30 people from 11 countries that has won 49 international awards and has over 250,000 downloads. He also helped create Dorm Room Fund, a student-run venture capital fund that invests $2 million from First Round Capital into student-run startups. Also, he wrote a book about building 3D games in web browsers.