Peggy McGregor

Copywriter at Evolving Web

Peggy has been helping brands tell their stories since 2011. An experienced copywriter with a background in marketing, she works across various digital channels to drive engagement and conversion. 

Peggy is passionate about creating content that’s clear, concise, and compelling. Ever the customer advocate, she uses plain language and a touch of humour to breathe life into corporate communications. 

Despite what you might hear about English Literature graduates, Peggy has a knack for explaining technical concepts. She even learned HTML and CSS to satisfy her curiosity—and it comes in handy when the WYSIWYG editor is acting up. 

Peggy has experience writing for digital agencies, software providers, government agencies, not-for-profits, financial institutions, and many other organizations. She has been working with Evolving Web since September 2022. 


Written By Peggy McGregor