Peter Wolanin

Senior Application Architect at SciSchield

Peter Wolanin, Principal Cloud Security Engineer, had a previous life as a Senior Scientist before making the leap into working with Drupal, and eventually at Acquia. A Drupal code contributor since May 2006, and a listed Drupal core subsystem maintainer since November 2008, Peter has worked on helping many of Acquia's products and services throughout his tenure at Acquia, while continuing to contribute to Drupal and helping promote it by organizing meetups and DrupalCamp New Jersey, and by speaking at many other events. Most significant D8 contribution I was not working heavily on Drupal 8 until DrupalCon Portland.  At the extended sprints in the Acquia office after the conference I worked on getting up to speed on the new plugin system and routing systems.  That led to envisioning and working on executing the conversion of menu local tasks, actions, and contextual links to plugins. I also helped push the conversions from page callbacks to routes and controllers. However, I think my most significant single contribution came out of Drupal Developer Days in Szeged, Hungary.  Towards the end of the event (after a week straight sprinting on Drupal 8 beta-blocking bugs) I developed a new idea as to how we could solve all the outstanding problems with the menu link system. Daniel Wehner and I spent about half a year executing on that vision with help from lots of other people At one point the main patch grew to 617 kB (17,920 lines) before it was broken to make it more reviewable! Biggest challenge with D8 It was pretty hard to find enough time to get it done, and at times there was a lot of effort that went into just keeping communication open and complex, multi-part plans moving forward. Looking forward to most about D8 I'm eager for the release so I can start building fun modules and find time to port some of of my existing modules.  I am really happy about the conversion of code to use a mostly OO approach. While the number of files increased, it actually makes the code a lot more fun to work with and write.