Sebastián Campanella

Technical Account Manager Acquia

As a technical account manager at Acquia, I am dedicated to supplying reliable, top-quality solutions for digital platforms operating on open-source systems. With more than 17 years of experience in the IT industry and a system engineering degree under my belt, my passion lies in untangling complex issues and enhancing digital systems to better serve my clients.

My expertise spans a wide range of environments, and I've built a reputation for efficiently identifying and remedying technical problems. I take pride in offering thorough support to customers by pointing them toward services or products that align with their specific needs. Skilled in the art of juggling multiple digital environments, I also have a robust track record of utilizing sophisticated, cloud-based analytic tools to maintain consistently excellent performance.

I speak English, Spanish, and Italian, which allows me to assist companies worldwide in overcoming technology barriers. My ultimate goal is always clear: to design and implement scalable cloud solutions that align with and surpass customer expectations and objectives.

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    Written By Sebastián Campanella