Tim Plunkett

Engineering Manager

Tim is an Engineering Manager on Acquia's Drupal Acceleration Team (DAT). He joined Acquia in 2014 and worked as a software engineer until November 2020. Tim joined the Drupal community in 2008. He has made significant contributions to the Drupal project, most notably as the primary developer of Layout Builder, as one of the initiative leads of Views in Core, and as a core subsystem maintainer of the Layout API, Form API, Configuration Entity API, AJAX system, Plugin system, and Routing system. He is currently working on the Easy Out of the Box initiative.

Before coming to Acquia, Tim worked at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and with several agencies building Drupal websites predominately for higher education and non-profit organizations. Tim is a staunch advocate for open-source principles, for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Drupal community and beyond, and can be found in the issue queues and Drupal Slack helping with Drupal questions.

Tim lives in Philadelphia with his wife. He enjoys following local sports, reading Marvel comics, making spreadsheets, remembering what other show or movie that one actor is from, finishing Sudokus very quickly, and spending time with dogs.

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