Drupal Goes to College

Starting in September, I’ll be teaching a 10 week long course at Queen's University Belfast in their Open Learning Program. Register now for this course £110.00.

Acquia has been working closely with colleges to deliver Free student Drupal training on campus. But we're working to expand Drupal's reach into higher education by developing this 10 week course.

I'll be developing the course in the open. This means the syllabus, lesson plans and assessment tools will be fully available online, and open to collaboration. If you're an educator, interested in teaching Drupal at your college or university, please get in touch!

If you've already been teaching Drupal at college level, I'd love to talk with you and share practical experience and tips.

I expect this night class to get people from a variety of backgrounds, much like Ashique Tanveer described his course at Montgomery College recently. So I want to make sure it's useful for learners with a variety of backgrounds. I also want a useful artifact after I've completed the course: A Drupal college course Kit.

My goals for the 10 week course kit is to make it as flexible as possible:

  • Can be facilitated by someone else with limited Drupal knowledge or experience.
  • Can be used in contexts such as web dev, marketing courses, knowledge management courses, teacher training courses and so forth.
  • Focus on curation of freely available existing educational resources, rather than the creation of new materials.
  • Others can evaluate and improve the materials.
  • Stream into “tracks” so individuals can choose their own level of challenge and time commitment.
  • Give learners clear paths for self-support.

Again, if you're an educator and you'd like to teach Drupal in your course, please contact me. And please do share this with anyone you think might be interested. Thanks!