New Features in the Latest Dev Desktop 2 Release

There's a new release of Dev Desktop 2, Acquia's free app that allows you to run and develop Drupal sites locally on your computer and optionally host them using Acquia Cloud. This new version brings you some great new features.

We just added support for:

PHP7 is the long-awaited next major version of PHP, and it's proving to be the fastest version yet. While it's not ready for production, it is ready for testing. We've added it in order to help get your modules, sites, and other projects ready for the faster future of PHP.

We're following up the great work that the Drush team has been doing by bumping the version of Drush to the 8.0 RC1 from 8.0.0 beta 12. This version of Drush also supports Drupal 8 RC1, so you can start porting your modules now, if you haven't already.

We added proxy support for all of you hard-working Drupal engineers who work behind Web proxies and firewalls. You can configure your proxy connection settings now via Preferences.

And finally, this release brings SSH Key generation to Dev Desktop, based on requests from our new users. We hope that this saves time and reduces the manual, and often confusing, processes that can be involved in creating keys.

In a recent release, we also added local HTTPS support, as well as fixes to a variety of other issues.