Shockingly Fast Site Development at DrupalCon Seattle

DrupalCon Seattle is coming up: April 8-12, 2019 at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.

And if you’re starting to assemble your schedule, which you can conveniently do on the event site, we’ve got a session to recommend: Shockingly Fast Site Development with Acquia Lightning.

The session, by Acquians Stephen Raghunath and Matthew Grasmick, is an introduction to Acquia Lightning, an open source Drupal distribution that addresses the differences between the capabilities Drupal core provides and the needs the Lightning creators have seen as they’ve worked with thousands of customers who build, launch, and maintain Drupal sites every day.

Acquia Lightning helps get new Drupal projects up and running quickly by providing a developer-focused feature set built around a modern development workflow.

In this session, you’ll see how Lightning, paired with Acquia’s developer tools, helps teams focus on the interesting challenges that matter, by solving for the typical problems that end up taking time to address over and over in nearly every project. You’ll also learn how a best-in-class developer workflow with Acquia Cloud and Lightning can help you build better applications faster.

By focusing on key components like Media, Layout, Workflow and API, Acquia Lightning supports developer tools and processes that help you build better applications faster.

Finally, Stephen and Matthew will reveal where the Acquia Lightning project is headed to make the developer experience even better, and how the team is making sure that it an innovation cycle that feeds back in to Drupal core.

So save the date: 04/10/2019: 12:30 to 13:15 (Room: 611 | Level 6). Here’s the link again.

BTW, Acquia is particularly well-represented this year at DrupalCon Seattle. If you’re attending be sure to catch these sessions that include Acquians, often alongside other Drupalists.

The second week in April promises to be a busy one, so starting adding these sessions to your schedule now.