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Posted by Adam Weingarten on Jun 12, 2015
Drupal is an incredibly flexible and expressive CMS and development framework. As a developer, it allows you to express yourself quickly and easily. That being said, being able to do anything​ can be a little overwhelming.
Posted by Janessa Worrell on Jun 11, 2015
It’s often the case for technical development teams to have both on-site and off-site team members. If confined to a certain geographic area when hiring, it’s likely your business won’t be able to tap into a wide enough developer skillset as you might find with no geographic boundaries. But when...
Posted by DC Denison on Jun 11, 2015
One of the major challenges facing every digital publisher is making sure its content will display properly up on every possible venue: desktop, tablet, and phone of course, but also in web services, and on the emerging display opportunities arriving with the Internet of Things, like wearables.
Posted by Charu Agarwal on Jun 10, 2015
Strong documentation is the product of good writing. It’s funny I suggest that because for the longest time, my idea of writing well applied only to writing lines of code. But when I started my internship at Acquia, I quickly realized the importance of writing everything well. Every project here...
Posted by Bryan Hirsch on Jun 10, 2015
This is the first post in a multi-part series on using GitHub for Government. We’ll discuss what the public can see and do with GitHub, what Drupal code should and shouldn’t be in a public repository, users and permissions on organizational accounts, and developer workflows.
Posted by Prafful Nagwani on Jun 09, 2015
It seems as if almost every Web developer hates using JIRA. Many developers feel it’s tedious, time-consuming work and they’d rather do just about anything else. But JIRA doesn’t have to feel that way. With the help of some easy-to-learn shortcuts, you can use JIRA more efficiently and have time...
Posted by Janessa Worrell on Jun 04, 2015
Kanban and Scrum are two different methodologies that can be utilized within your development organization. Both have pros and cons as agile methodologies, and one is often suited to a certain project better than the other. Let’s explore the definitions, differences, and how to utilize them...
Posted by Allison Nolan on May 31, 2015
On ne peut généralement pas le prévoir. Parfois, on en prend connaissance à la dernière minute. Mais cela peut aussi être le moment le plus attendu de l’année. Quel que soit le contexte, toutes les sociétés sont confrontées un jour ou l’autre à une situation dans laquelle une défaillance de leur...
Posted by Heidi Wong on May 29, 2015
As our series continues, let's look at what non-technical team members need to understand about Drupal 8. Although they don't need to write code and implement functionality, these team members may have responsibility for defining the product or developing the content for the site. These are the...