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Acquia offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to help developers create sites quickly. Our tools help clients to create sites, automate workflows and monitor and optimize applications.

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Automate Workflows

For a comprehensive overview of Acquia Cloud developer tools that help to automate workflows and optimize sites, visit Acquia Developer Experience Details.

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Posted by Stephanie Bridges
Are you ready to migrate your CMS to Drupal? The Drupal migration process removes the burden of complex migrations, with enhanced flexibility and robust site architecture that lets you relaunch better, optimized digital experiences fast. We’ll break down the best practices for performing your own Drupal migration, so you can keep your content and your sanity.   1. Determine Migration Strategy Generally, migration plans fall into three categories: enhancing your…
Posted by David Platek
In today’s digital landscape, developers have a huge toolbox to help them build spectacular digital experiences, but the trick is getting these tools to fit together. Tools can improve the way developers work, and the quality, reliability and overall success of an application. As Drupal matures, new tools are created, and old tools become familiar again. Most Drupal 8 projects should use Git, Drush and Composer, and continuous integration and delivery to test, build…
Posted by Alex Moreno Lopez
Acquia Developer Studio (from now on ADS), is a tool that my colleagues at Acquia have been working hard to release. I could say that it’s going to be the new Acquia Dev Desktop, but to be more precise, I'll use the official description from the Acquia docs site: Acquia Developer Studio integrates many of the tools developers need to build better digital experiences, and to also be more productive. With Acquia Developer Studio, you can focus on building the best…
Posted by Alex Moreno Lopez
Setting up a Drupal environment has been traditionally quite a “pain in the servers,” if you allow me the expression. That’s why tools like Acquia Dev Desktop became so popular. If you have worked with Drupal in the past ten years you have probably worked with (or have a colleague that worked with) Dev Desktop. See this poll I published a few days ago: Calling my #drupal fellows. I'm doing a quick #tweenvestigation. Who knows about @acquia #devdesktop?#Developers #…