Announcing the Acquia Cloud Log Streaming Chrome Extension

Today we’re releasing a new Log Streaming Chrome extension that allows developers to see the logs they are generating in real time as they click around their websites.

Imagine you run a large e-commerce website powered by dozens of servers, and your customers are reporting problems checking out. You’re losing money by the minute. What do you do?

In the bad old days, you’d have to log into all the servers, download all their log files, and manually try to correlate log times to error reports. Or, you’d pick a random server and watch those logs, hoping that someone who encounters the error happens to be served by that particular server.

This and other use cases is why Acquia introduced Log Streaming in 2014. With log streaming, you can watch the logs from all your servers, streamed in real time as users click around your site. This allows developers to quickly find and fix the source of problems.

Today, we’re kicking it up a notch with the release of the Log Streaming Chrome extension. With the extension, you can browse around your site and watch the logs that you are generating in real time in the Chrome Dev Tools. This way, you don’t have to wait for your users to encounter the problem - in our e-commerce example, you can go click through your checkout form yourself, and immediately see what’s wrong.

Check out the gif of the extension in action below, grab the extension now, or sign up for Acquia Cloud Free to try it out yourself today.