Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000-foot View

A few weeks ago, we began a blog series about a decoupled Drupal project we worked on with Elevated Third and Hoorooh. The project was for Powdr Resorts, one of the largest ski operators in North America. The first installment was A Deep Dive into a Decoupled Drupal 8 Project. Now we've got part two, and a radical change of altitude, from Andy Mead, Drupal Developer at Elevated Third: Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000-foot View. Check it out, and get Andy's take on the requirements, the responsibilities, and some of the architectural considerations that go into a project like this. You'll see how the technology driving Powdr's digital presence starts to come together on a new platform powered by Drupal 8.

And stay tuned for the next entry of this blog series, when Andy's project partner Joe Flores details some specific Drupal technologies and techniques they used to power Powdr.