108: Come to Drupal South 2014 - Meet Josh Waihi

In this podcast, I have a chat about Drupal with Josh Waihi, Enterprise Architect for Catalyst IT, and also find out why you should attend Drupal South in Wellington, New Zealand in February 2014 if you possibly can (Submit your session proposals now!)

Amazing news, hurray! – Since this podcast was recorded at the DrupalCon Prague sprints on September 27th (hence our scratchy voices in the conversation), the Drupal South team invited me to be a keynote speaker. I am thrilled and have gratefully accepted.

Josh and Drupal

Josh is a self-declared "database geek". This is reflected in his contributions to Drupal. He helped build the PostgrSQL driver for Drupal 7 core and is the maintainer of the TBTNG Migrator Module. Josh explains, "You can migrate your drupal site from one database type to another, like MySQL to Postgres. It uses Drupal's schema system to migrate from one db type to another. That means you can do things like inherit a website done by another company that used a different database," than what you like to work with, "and you can migrate it onto a database you're more familiar with. Or you could move a site to a different database to see if it performs better," or even use different database types on different development and production environments.

Drupal South 2014 - "Unlikely Hero"

From February 14 to 16, 2014, Wellington New Zealand will host the South Pacific regional Drupal conference, called Drupal South this time around (last year it was DrupalCon Sydney, and before that, it was Drupal Down Under a couple of times).

Day 1 will have three tracks: a business day, sprints, and a training day. Days 2 and 3 will be filled with amazing sessions covering all aspects in and around Drupal the technology and Drupal the community. Speakers from New Zealand and Australia will be joined by others from around the world, including some prominent Drupalist friends of mine like John Albin, Larry Garfield, Emma Jane Westby, and the one-and-only chx! I am looking forward to catching up with them and meeting a bunch of new friends there!

Submit your session proposals now for one or more tracks: Business and Strategy, Coding and Development, Front End, and Site Building. No matter who you are, you can become an Unlikely Hero, too. I can't think of a better, more influential, or friendlier project for you if you want to make your mark and have a chance at changing the world.

Alongside all that, Josh promises, "a few surprises at the conference and definitley some events in the evening" (said with a massive eyebrow wiggle).