132: Upgrade your modules to Drupal 8 now! - Bram Goffings

During the 2014 Drupal Devs Days in Szeged Hungary, Bram Goffings (aka aspilicious) and I had a chat about his experience upgrading Display Suite early on and maintaining it during the ongoing Drupal 8 development cycle. He says it was a great learning experience and that it is time for everyone else to start their upgrades in preparation for the Drupal 8 beta release.

Contributing to Drupal is part of my job

Bram's employer Nascom gives him 2-3 days per month to work on Display Suite or other parts of the Drupal contributed module repository. I'd like to highlight this contribution to Drupal (Thank you, Bram; thank you Nascom!), while pointing out that this isn't charity or a waste of time or money on Nascom's part. Contributing to the open source projects you build your business on – whether you are a service provider or end-client – is investing in your mission critical infrastructure.

Upgrade now, it's time

Display Suite is not a simple module. The Drupal 8 version has been available since September, 2013 and development began sometime in 2012, "when Drupal 8 was just getting started. Each new thing, we directly implemented it in Display Suite."

Addressing the concern of upgrading against a moving target, Bram points out that Drupal 8 beta is not very far away, so things are getting more and more stable inside it and that this will be your last chance to fix or influence a lot of things about core for now. It was a great learning opportunity, too. "Some APIs changed 4, 5, 6 times until now. It's a learning experience: You see what the original API was. You see what was wrong with the original API, then you can make it better. You can give feedback and core can adapt because Drupal 8 isn't finished yet."

If you upgrade now, it's a great learning experience; you'll have a better understanding of how Drupal 8 works; and you'll have your modules ready for the beta release!

Bram says, "It's not that scary. Just do it now!"