41: 2012 Greatest Hits - Drupal Camp Sofia, Bulgaria - Rebroadcast

A quick blast from the past this week from the first Drupal community event at which I was recording material for a podcast. This gives this particular event an extra sparkle in my memory. True to form for the Drupal community around the world, many of the people I met at this camp have become friends with whom I stay in touch or even get to see now and then at a DrupalCon or Drupal Camp somewhere. Community ftw!

---Original post from April, 2012---

I just got back from a fantastic weekend with a couple hundred members of the Bulgarian Drupal community at Drupal Camp Sofia 2012. There was a lot of Drupal going on all weekend; some great sessions, lots of hallway track and an evening with the best-dancing Drupal community I have met so far at a little place called Veseloto Selo. A seemingly calm taverna-stye restaurant basically exploded from family-style eating to people dancing on the tables ... well, standing on the chairs at least.

I wanted to introduce you to a few of the people that were there and some of the sounds of the weekend. This podcast features a bagpiper I encountered in a park in central Sofia, the birds outside my window and parts of conversations with Hristo Atanasov, Kaloyan Petrov, Martin Martinov, Svilen Sabev, and Mario Peshev.

Stand out quotes:

  • "Because of Drupal, I was able to sustain a business model as a freelancer."
  • "Open source teaches you to share without losing anything. You share; you win and the other person also wins. It's contributing, it's sharing, it's like an open world after all! It's kind of a way of living."
  • "I have a module that runs on 300 sites. It makes me really thankful for all the other modules that I use."

Thanks for listening! And thank you Drupal Bulgarians for the hospitality!