42: Bryan Hirsch, "Helping the Federal Government solve public sector problems with Drupal"

I am privileged to be part of the extraordinary Drupal community and to have a job that focuses on growing and helping it. I'd like you to meet some of the amazing people I work with at Acquia and learn more about who they are and what they do. It's time to ...

Meet the Acquian!

Bryan Hirsch comes from a background of software engineering and political activism. He originally joined Acquia as an engineer on the Drupal Gardens team thanks to his expertise and interest in software-as-a-service products. His new position at Acquia as Senior Technical Consultant Acquia Government Practice Department allows him to leverage his longstanding interest in using open source software in government to save taxpayer dollars, improve civic engagement and government services.

Wearing his Drupal community hat, Bryan is one of the key people behind the Core Contribution Ladder, aka The Boston Initiative. This is a project that has come out of the Boston Drupal User Group to test and build tools to help more people contribute to Drupal core. The goal is to increase the number of people contributing to Drupal core by an order of magnitude - from roughly 0.1% of the Drupal community now to 1% by 2014.

Learn more

Learn more about the Boston Initiative and contributing to Drupal core at http://learndrupal.org.

Download the Learn Drupal distro at http://learndrupal.org/download and http://drupal.org/project/learn.

Check out the DrupalCon presentation Bryan and Jeannie Finks gave about the Boston Initiative at DrupalCon Denver. A recording of that session and some links to more resources are here.