61: Meet Sam Lerner: "Acquia is fuel-injected knowledge."

Sam Lerner is an Acquia Client Advisor with something of a specialty in search technologies; he is the co-maintainer of the Google Search Appliance and Apache Solr Drupal projects. His job is to use his own knowledge and take advantage of Acquia's "deep bench" in all things Drupal to help clients make their websites successful. He calls working at Acquia "fuel injected knowledge".

On Drupal history

Sam got his start in the last days of Drupal 4 and the earliest days of Drupal 5. He says there's been an evolution from being "a toolkit to code up stuff ... Drupal 5 sites of any complexity would often require thousands of lines of custom code. Today, with Drupal 7, anyone who can point and click can start building really powerful websites.

On working at Acquia

Being a Client Advisor at Acquia "is a very, very rewarding job. You get to look back over your day. Maybe it was super busy and you were almost going out of your mind, but then you look back at the end of the day and you say, 'Wow, I solved five very serious problems for people running very large organisations." It is very gratifying."