66: Meet Moshe Weitzman: Developer Tools, Product Development, Drupal History

Moshe Weizman is Acquia's Director of Research and Development in the Office of the CTO. Over the years, he's built many of the development tools that have been instrumental in Drupal's growth and success. Now, alongside his ongoing contributions to Drupal itself, he works with Acquia's product teams from conception, through architecture and prototyping, to helping coordinate ongoing development.

Moshe is Drupal.org user number 23 and submitted his first patch to the Drupal project in October 2001, about nine months after it had been open sourced. He's taken his Drupal activities from a hobby, to a "nights and weekends" secondary income, to a full time occupation since 2007. Moshe joined Acquia in 2011. This interview was recorded in 2012.

Moshe's contributions to Drupal

"I had heard about open source, I had read about it in a magazine," explains Moshe, "and thought it was pretty neat. I looked at the Drupal files, got bold, and decided to change a string in there (a string of visible text), saved it, and reloaded the page. I had changed Drupal at that point! That was pretty exciting." He obviously got a taste for changing and improving Drupal if you look at a selection of the massive number of contributions he's made to the project over the years:

  • Maintainer of the Drush project, the excellent command line interface for Drupal developers.
  • Maintainer of the Devel Module, another useful Drupal developer tool.
  • Moshe created the original Organic Groups Module (for a children's pony show club website for Finnish National Television ... I'm not making this up.)
  • He started the Groups.Drupal.org website, Drupal's community- and special-interest group-hub.
  • While running Cyrve, a Drupal data-migration company, he was part of developing and open sourcing the Migrate Module, which helps anyone move content from other systems into Drupal.