80: "Now I break other people's modules!" Meet Angie Byron - 2/2

In this episode – "Meet Angie Byron, Part 2: The Return of the Webchick" – we cover how Angie got into the Drupal project, how to hide under blankets, and how to break other people's modules.

In part one of this conversation, we talked about the state of Drupal 8 as of spring 2013, what's gone into it so far, what we can expect from the next major point release of Drupal and the fact that Angie has the best job description ever: "My job is to make Drupal awesome."

Newbies have it hard: a comic

Angie's first experience in the Drupal developer community was so intense, she felt she had to capture it in a drawing. If you can scroll all the way back to November 2007, you'll find this http://webchick.net/node/9. In typical webchick style, she's used this experience to learn, teach others, and improve the Drupal project over the years since then: "That experience taught me a lot about the culture of Open Source and being respectful of people's boundaries and it also taught me that we need to treat newbies better."

Thank you, Robert Douglass

Rob, thanks for getting Angie into the Google Summer of Code working on Drupal. I officially owe you a beer for this one. Here's the Quiz project still going strong, the module that Angie wrote under Robert's mentorship way back in 2005.

In case you didn't know

I recently sat down at Acquia HQ with my friend and colleague, Angela "webchick" Byron. She is a Drupal core co-maintainer, book author, Drupal Association board member, public speaker, equality advocate, and all-around powerhouse contributor. Angie works with Drupal Lead, Dries Buyteart, in the Office of the CTO (OCTO): "My job is to make Drupal awesome. We figure out together what's the biggest thing holding Drupal back right now, and whatever it is, we just tackle it."