88: Meet Balazs Dianiska: The “honorable” module and Drupal in the enterprise

Balazs Dianiska, Acquia Professional Services Consultant, has a lot of insight about the needs of enterprise businesses. Whenever he can, he shares that insight with the Drupal community at events and meet-ups.

Balazs, aka snufkin on Drupal.org credits entry his into Drupal to Angie "webchick" Byron: "She participated in the Google Summer of Code program," mentored by Robert Douglass, "and it became so popular, partly because of her involvement that I tried to participate as well. That's how I got into Drupal and Open Source as a whole."

Drupal 4.6 to today

Balazs says that despite how keen he was to get into Drupal, his earliest memories of it – from the Drupal 4.6 days – were "painful". Now, though, it has gone from being "a toolbox for hackers" to "an amazing powerhouse that everyone from media companies to non-profits use. It's just an amazing evolution."

On Community Gatherings

"I love these small camps, when 100 or 200 people meet. We can talk to each other. The size is not too large, so I can actually get in touch with everyone and I feel that I can contribute back to these people more efficiently. Visiting these small camps is an amazing feeling."

The "Honorable" Module

Balazs picks the Devel Module as his favorite module. He points out that "As a developer, the Devel Module is built by developers for developers." It is not something that your clients or users might ever touch or even know about. It is a contribution that helps us all work better and deliver better projects.