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Posted by Mario Siebaldi on Dec 18, 2014
With over 18,000 staff at sea and serving 1.7 million passengers a year, Princess is the third largest cruise line in the industry. While that is a lofty spot to be in, the company strives to move into pole position. How does one achieve that you may ask?
Posted by Abhishek Anand on Dec 12, 2014
Drupal 8 is left with only a few critical issues before its first release candidate. Not wanting to be left behind, everyone at Acquia is scrambling to become Drupal 8 experts and helping close out the remaining bugs.
Posted by Adam Malone on Nov 25, 2014
This post originally appeared first on Malone Thought Repository. The last thing any website owner, developer or administrator wants to hear is that they've been hacked. Whether the cause was the fault of insecure passwords, problematic file permissions, a vulnerability in the underlying code or...
Posted by Kris Vanderwater on Nov 20, 2014
In the first post of this series on Drush Make we looked at building a custom Drupal install profile on Acquia Cloud using Drush make. In this installment, we look at managing and updating the code in your install profile and deploying it onto Acquia Cloud. Keeping up with new releases is one of...
Posted by David Churbuck on Nov 17, 2014
A profound change has happened to the Content Management World: No business knows the value and pain of content management like the press, and there were a couple laughs at yesterday’s media briefing when I quoted Acquia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Wentworth: “Everyone hates their CMS.”
Posted by David Churbuck on Nov 12, 2014
When I first met Dries Buytaert I asked him why he started Acquia. To paraphrase him (because I wasn’t taking perfect notes): I realized after getting some calls seeking advice that if Drupal was going to be adopted by the world’s greatest brands and institutions, it would need a company like...
Posted by Michael Cayer on Oct 31, 2014
Acquia is committed to ensuring the security and performance of our customers’ sites.
Posted by Ricardo Amaro on Oct 27, 2014
Drupal8 beta is Out!