107: "Why PHP is for real" - meet Thijs Feryn

Thijs Feryn and Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire talk at DrupalCon Portland

Looking at the reality of PHP on the web today. - I spoke with Thijs Feryn, Technical Evangelist at Combell at the Portland Convention Center while DrupalCon and Symfony Live were both happening there in May 2013. This conversation gives some background and context to Thijs's Acquia.com guest blog post, "Why PHP is for Real".

Thijs's post is about PHP's history, use, and ecosystem (community, frameworks, QA, performance, and my favorite: PHP the Right Way.). It includes a plethora of links to popular, useful tools and reference materials to get the most out of using PHP.

Thijs is an active presenter who speaks on both technical and non-technical topics. If you use his name as a search term (he seems to be the only "Thijs Feryn" active on the web), you'll find a lot links to his talks and activities online.

Decoupled Developer Days

Decoupled Developer Days

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