252: Mumbai Memories - Neetu Morwani

My trusty microphone, camera, and I recorded a few great conversations in Mumbai that have never been released until now. Next up in “Mumbai Memories”, taking Drupal 8 from awesome to super-awesome with Neetu Morwani!

Neetu landed a Drupal-related job right after graduation, as she explains: "Accidentally, I started working in Drupal." In the nearly four years since then, she has become an enthusiastic member of the community and made a lot of code contributions to Drupal (thank you, Neetu!). She's now a Drupal developer at Acquia's New Delhi office and was a speaker at DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai. Listening to Neetu talk about the significance of DrupalCon coming to India, how it is changing people's lives in India, her excitement is palpable. This energy was everywhere at DrupalCon in Mumbai. The Indian Drupal community is a wonderful (large!) group of men and women who are bursting with energy and ideas about how to improve the world.

DrupalCon Asia Mumbai 2016 was almost exactly a year ago now. Of all the conferences I have been to, Mumbai was probably my favorite. I met an incredible, active, enthusiastic Drupal community that welcomed everyone with open arms, incredible food (!), and a LOT of selfies :-)

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Neetu Morwani