Test Drive an Acquia CMS Starter Kit for Drupal Using DDEV

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This tutorial will show you how to install an Acquia CMS Starter Kit for Drupal using DDEV.


Acquia's Cloud IDE is my first choice for development but my second choice is DDEV. If you do not have DDEv install, please follow the Get Started with DDEV article before continuing.

One of the many benefits of starting with an Acquia CMS Starter Kit for Drupal is the ability to quickly test Acquia products. Installing the Acquia CMS Enterprise Low-code, is the fastest way to try Acquia Site Studio. Once you have the site installed, visit /admin/cohesion/configuration/account-settings for a link to request 30 day trial credentials.

Lets get started!

  1. Location for our site

    To get started, lets create a folder where we can install our site using the command-line and move into our folder.

    mkdir acquia-cms-starter-kit-for-drupal
    cd acquia-cms-starter-kit-for-drupal
  2. Configure our DDEV project

    Now that we have a location for our site, lets configure DDEV for a Drupal 10 site.

    ddev config --project-type=drupal10 --docroot=docroot --create-docroot
  3. Create a new Composer project

    Next, we need to start DDEV and create a new Composer project using acquia/drupal-recommended-project.

    ddev start
    ddev composer create acquia/drupal-recommended-project
  4. Run acms:install command

    Once our dependencies have finished downloading, we can SSH into the container and run the acms:install command to install a Starter Kit.

    ddev ssh
    ./vendor/bin/acms acms:install
  5. Select a Starter Kit

    Acquia CMS Enterprise Low-codeThe low-code starter kit will install Acquia CMS with Site Studio and a UIkit. It provides drag and drop content authoring and low-code site building. An optional content model can be added in the installation process. 
    Acquia CMS CommunityThe community starter kit will install Acquia CMS. An optional content model can be added in the installation process.
    Acquia CMS HeadlessThe headless starter kit preconfigures Drupal for serving structured, RESTful content to 3rd party content displays such as mobile apps, smart displays and frontend driven websites (e.g. React or Next.js).
    Select an Acquia CMS Starter Kit for Drupal

    Once you have selected a starter kit, you will be asked additional questions about enabling demo content, enabling Acquia DAM, and more. You can type yes or no based on your desired outcome.

  6. Launching your site

    We are now ready to log into our new site. 

    Because we have SSH into the container to run the acms:install command, we do not need to add ddev before our next Drush command.

    drush uli