Acquia Drupal Courses in Boston

As one of the first things I'm doing as the new Director of Learning Services at Acquia, I'm proud to announce some (close to) FREE Drupal courses in Boston!

We'll will be holding two 2-day workshops in Boston (still nailing down exact location - check back for an update on that front).

For more information, or to sign-up, please check out:
Rocking Drupal - Crash Course for Developers

Module Development & Theming for Drupal Rockstars

We're encouraging students and professionals to attend these workshops. We're looking forward to running these on a semi-regular basis to roll out new curriculum for our training partner network and to build additional Drupal capacity in our backyard.

There is a nominal fee to signup (to ensure that people show up), but we'll feed you lunches, and you'll get fantastic training from Acquia's staff - we're sure this will be worth your while.

If the timing, location, or topic of this training doesn't fit your current needs - do sign up on our training email list to learn more about future trainings in your area. Also feel free to learn more about our training programs.

I'm excited to help grow the number of Acquia Partner delivered Drupal trainings around the globe, as I know that the growth of our Drupal community is important to the overall health of Drupal itself. Just last week, the first ever Drupal training delivered by an Acquia partner occurred in South America (Bogota, Colombia to be precise)!